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Thermal Analysis of gun systems in artillery vehicle

Thermal Analysis of gun systems in artillery vehicle

Abstract of the Project:

In the Automobile domain design of the artillery vehicle system stands at par where in it requires high percentage of design accuracy and precision. Basically Artillery is a class of heavy military weapons built to fire munitions far beyond the range and power of infantry’s small arms. Early artillery development focused on the ability to breach fortifications, and led to heavy, fairly immobile siege engines. As technology improved, lighter, more mobile field artillery developed for battlefield use.

In this project we will be studying the CAE thermal analysis of the gun system mounted. The static impact of the artillery on the vehicle movement and dynamic analysis of the system made during the firing. Thus the stability of the vehicle, ease of maneuverability, impact analysis can be studied.

Application of the project:

  • Dynamic movement of any vehicle
  • Roll over mitigation application
  • Load and fatigue analysis of the vehicle
  • Automobile application


Benefits from this project to Client

  • Better stability of the vehicle
  • Design robust Hardware
  • Cost in the prototyping can be reduced.

Key take away for Students

  • Entry to Automotive Domain.
  • Know about different Vehicle performance criteria
  • Parameter tuning process
  • Compare the design and theoretical analysis.
  • CAE Simulation
  • Vehicle dynamics basics.
  • Developing problem solving skills.

Work plan for the students

  • Geometry cleanup and importing the geometry
  • Meshing
  • Assigning the materials
  • Load &constraints
  • Load cases
  • Analysis reviews
  • Validating the obtained results with criteria.
  • Documentation (continuous)

Services offered by JVKR

  • Involvement in the Live Projects and prototypes.
  • Exposure to Industrial Technology in Automotive domain.
  • Trainings offered which are required for the projects modules.
    • CAD-Catia and SolidWorks
    • CAE- Hypermesh, Radioss, Optistruct and Ansys
  • Hands on experience in Industry projects.
  • Consistent Support offered.