Solid Works

System Perspective

OS Platform Windows XP Professional (32 or 64 bit version) Or Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) or higher versions of windows.
Physical Memory 2 GB RAM (minimum)
Disk Space for Installation 5 GB free disk space
Resolution 1280×1024 pixels (DEDICATED VIDEO MEMORY IS REQUIRED for Better performance)
Solidworks Software SolidWorks 2018 SP3

Student's Perspective

  • Concepts of 2D drawing.
  • Enthusiastic for converting one’s imagination in real time 3D model.

Course Content

Introduction: SOLIDWORKS Premium software integrates a broad range of mechanical CAD, design validation, product data management, design communication, and CAD productivity tools in a single, affordable, easy to use package.

SOLIDWORKS is a software tool that is used right from the conceptualization of the design until the final manufacturing of the product. As the world’s leading tool in designing, it supports interactive learning of 3D modeling. The implementation of such software can lend several benefits to the users, such as: Shortened Design Cycle, Increased Productivity of Engineers and Designer, Faster Deliver Innovative Products

Course Description

  1. Introduction to CAD
  2. Overview of AutoCAD
  3. Graphics user Interface of Solid Works, History, Shortcut keys and customization.
  4. 3D Feature based parametric Modelling.
  1. Sketch entities & Sketch tools.
  2. Add Relations, Display delete Relations
  3. Smart Dimensions, Fully define sketch and Blocks
  1. Boss/Base features & Cut Features.
  2. Pattern/ Mirror & Placed Features.
  3. Reference Geometries, Materials and Mass properties
  4. Equations, Design Table & Configurations
  5. Editing Suppressing features, Parent- Child relationship
  6. 3D sketch and Boolean operations
  7. Plastics features and Mold Tools.
  1. Structural member, Trim/Extend,
  2. Gussets, End cap etc.
  1. Bottom Up and Top Down Assembly
  2. Insert Components, New Part, New Assembly
  3. Move, Rotate parts & Assembly Features
  4. Standard, Advance and Mechanical Mates
  5. Design Library, Smart Fasteners and Patterns
  6. Interference detection, Exploded View and Motion Study
  1. Generative and Interactive Drafting
  2. Standard 3 View, Model view & Projection view
  3. Model Items, Annotations, Balloons, Tables
  4. Define Title Block Table, Template files & Printing
  1. Data Transfer between different CAD Software’s.
  2. Project:-Hands on Experience and demo includes industry based real time problems.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the Course, the student will be able to describe the functional capabilities and general usage of:

  • Part Modelling and Design
  • Generative Shape Design
  • Assembly Design
  • Surfacing and Drafting


  • Product to market. SOLIDWORKS is about product creation. From the earliest product concept to production tooling, its concurrent engineering and design-in-context capabilities create value by enabling companies to create products and bring them to the market.
  • Time to market. The unequalled process coverage of SOLIDWORKS, combined with the native associativity among all of its applications, gives SOLIDWORKS customers the means to shorten the time to market.
  • Right to market. SOLIDWORKS’s integrated analysis, simulation, synthesis, and optimization applications provide product engineering validation at each design step to ensure product quality and market acceptance.
  • Lead the market. SOLIDWORKS’s advanced capabilities for collaborative engineering, knowledge capture, and re-use boost innovation and help to lead the market.

Additional Benefit: Hands on Experience and demo includes industry based real time problems.