MATLAB – Basics

System Perspective

OS Platform Windows XP Professional SP3 (32 bit version) Or Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) or higher versions of windows.
Physical Memory 2 GB RAM (minimum)
Disk Space for Installation 5 GB free disk space
Resolution 1280×1024 pixels (DEDICATED VIDEO MEMORY IS REQUIRED for Better performance)
MatLab Software MATLAB 2014 32bit

Student's Perspective

  • Familiar with undergraduate level mathematics and basic physics.
  • ave basic computer operation skills.
  • Enthusiastic for bringing in innovation ideas

Course Content

Introduction: MATLAB is a powerful tool for complex calculations, Array Handling, Developing Statistics, Algorithm Development and Data Analysis and has great visualization both in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional aspects. One of the most powerful tool because of its inbuilt functions which helps to reduce the development process drastically.  It has wide application in Aerospace and Automotive industries. It stands for MATrix LABoratory. MATLAB supports in multiple stages of product development right from the Requirement Analysis, Developing Design Algorithms, and Implementation to Verification & Validation Process.

Course Description

  • MathWorks at a Glance
  • MathWorks Product Overview
  • Computer Setup
  • What Can you do with MATLAB
  • Course Learning Outcome
  • Course Outline
  • Outline
  • Chapter Learning Outcomes
  • The MATLAB Desktop
  • Customizing the Desktop
  • Course Example: Gasoline Price Data
  • Interactive Importing
  • Variables in the Base Workspace
  • The Variable Editor
  • New Variables
  • Saving and Loading Variables
  • Plotting the Data
  • Plot Tools
  • Multiple Plots
  • Formatting the Plot
  • Basic Fitting
  • Exporting to Another Application
  • Shortcuts
  • Summary
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Course Example: Comparing Prices Visually
  • Entering Commands
  • Getting Data into MATLAB
  • Assigning Values to Variables
  • Using Built-In Functions and Constants
  • Vectors, Matrices, and Arrays
  • Entering Vectors Manually
  • Creating Vectors of Equally Spaced Values
  • Plotting Vectors
  • Creating Characters and Strings
  • Plot Options
  • Annotating Plots
  • Adding Plots
  • Creating Arrays of Strings
  • Obtaining Help
  • Accessing Data in Vectors
  • Changing Values in a Vector
  • Course Example: Comparing Real Cost
  • Array Operations
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Multiple Figures
  • Additional Vector Plot Types
  • Axis Control
  • Course Example: Electricity Consumption
  • Concatenating Arrays
  • Creating Matrices with Functions
  • Accessing Data in Matrices
  • Matrix Operations
  • Array Operations
  • Matrix mathematics
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Data in the MATLAB Environment
  • Statistical Operations
  • Plotting Multiple Columns
  • Matrix Visualization
  • Reshaping

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the basic MATLAB Course, the students are able to understand the benefits of MATLAB which enables to focus on the academic course and applications.

  • To solve Numerical problems
  • Avoid declaring variables, specifying data types and allocating memory
  • Analyze and visualize data using automation capabilities
  • Eliminate the need to code


  • MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment.
  • Most wanted tool across various Industry.
  • Unique skills which will not be available in the academics.
  • Scope is not just limited to students, it can carry over to get placements in leading MNC’s and become leading Engineers. The scope is also extending to become a hardcore scientist involved in R & D activities.
  • With over one million users, MATLAB is recognized as a standard tool for increasing the productivity of Engineers and scientists you will part of this community.