Master CAM

System Perspective

OS Platform Windows XP Professional (32 or 64 bit version) Or Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) or higher versions of windows.
Physical Memory 2 GB RAM (minimum)
Disk Space for Installation 5 GB free disk space
Resolution 1280×1024 pixels (DEDICATED VIDEO MEMORY IS REQUIRED for Better performance)

Student's Perspective

  • Exposed to concepts of Cutting Tool Engineering
  • Candidate should be well aware of the concepts of CNC machining and Cutting tool Engineering

Course Content

Introduction: Mastercam is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software program used by students, manufacturing professionals, such as machinists and computer numerical control (CNC) programmers. This software helps users to bringout simulations of actual machining, learn impact of various machining parameters and its optimization also gives a glimpse of knowhow of CNC machines. This software also helps in creating 3-dimensional wire frame models.

Course Description

  • Introduction of Mastercam
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Creating Commands
  • Machine Setup
  • Editing Commands
  • Transforming Commands
  • Plan Selection
  • Wire Frame Drawing
  • Surface Commands
  • Curves
  • Solid Commands
  • Level Manager
  • Attributes
  • Machine Selection
  • Production Tool Paths
  • Transforming Tool Paths
  • Trim Tool paths
  • Machine Simulation
  • Surface Tool Paths
  • Lathe Tool Paths
  • Post Processing
  • Documentation

Hands on Experience and demo includes industry based real time problems.

Course Outcomes

  • This course trains students in CAM which will help to understand the essence of designing in manufacturing.
  • Bring in ability to understand the new product development and Supply chain relations.
  • Giving opportunity to know over all product life cycle management.


  • Very efficient, produce visualization of the machining quickly.
  • Less chance of product malfunction (less chance for error) in the final assembly.
  • Manufacturability of unique shapes can be checked.
  • More cost efficient over time.
  • Generate CNC code automatically, which can be fed into the machine for production activities.