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Fatigue Analysis of automotive interiors door and dashboard panels

Fatigue Analysis of automotive interiors door and dashboard panels


Abstract of the Project:

For decades, automobile manufacturers have relied on advancements in automotive interiors to entice potential buyers and increase automobile values. Enhanced manufacturing technology and design creativity have greatly improved the comfort level, noise reduction, aesthetic appeal, and durability of modern automotive interiors. Plastic has played a major role in this automotive evolution. In addition to panels and trim, plastics also contribute to the production of seat bases and backs, door panels, and dashboards. Plastic polymers and alloys integrate with interior pieces for highly efficient and effective designs. Automobile manufacturers increasingly rely on plastic for interior environments because it is easily machined and molded, durable, and sustainable.

In this project we will be studying the CAE Fatigue analysis of the materials of the door and dashboard panels to understand the characteristics of the plastics and how that can help in reducing the weight.

Application of the project:

  • BIW design for weight reduction
  • BIW design for visibility improvement
  • Load and fatigue analysis of the vehicle
  • Automobile application


Benefits from this project to Client

  • Better Aesthetic appearance
  • Design robust Design
  • Cost in the prototyping can be reduced.

Key take away for Students

  • Entry to Automotive Domain.
  • Know about different Vehicle BIW parts
  • Parameter tuning process
  • Compare the design and theoretical analysis.
  • CAE Simulation
  • Developing problem solving skills.

Work plan for the students

  • Geometry cleanup and importing the geometry
  • Meshing
  • Assigning the materials
  • Load & Constraints
  • Load cases
  • Analysis reviews
  • Validating the obtained results with criteria.
  • Documentation (continuous)

Services offered by JVKR

  • Involvement in the Live Projects and prototypes.
  • Exposure to Industrial Technology in Automotive domain.
  • Trainings offered which are required for the projects modules.
    • CAD-Catia and SolidWorks
    • CAE- Hypermesh, Radioss, Optistruct and Ansys
  • Hands on experience in Industry projects.
  • Consistent Support offered.