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Design of BIW for the TATA under Chassis Truck for the Engine Front

Design of BIW for the TATA under chassis Truck for the Engine Front


Abstract of the Project:

In the Automobile domain design of the Body in White (BIW) is crucial. The BIW is done to get stable and rigid platform from which the suspension can control the vehicle effectively, delivering a feeling of control to the driver, enabling the passenger module to better protect the occupants in the event of a collision, providing a lightweight architecture – aiding performance and handling.

In this project we will be analyzing the BIW of the TATA under chassis Truck for the Engine front. The goal will be to check for the additional weight by redesigning the chassis

Application of the project:

  • BIW fixtures
  • Efficient load management.
  • Plastic trim parts
  • Gearbox casings
  • Bulkhead designs
  • Stiffness for mounting energy absorbing components.
  • Non-automotive applications


Benefits from this project to Client

  • Minimising the weight of the car
  • Positioning the weight within the wheelbase as far as possible
  • Ensuring even weight distribution

Key take away for Students

  • Entry to Automotive Domain.
  • Know about different Vehicle weight reduction criteria
  • Parameter tuning process
  • Compare the design and theoretical analysis.
  • CAD Design
  • Vehicle dynamics basics.
  • Developing problem solving skills.

Work plan for the students

  • Introduction
  • Sketcher and Part Design
  • Assembly Design
  • Wireframe and Surface Design
  • Generative Design
  • Validating the obtained results with criteria.
  • Documentation (continuous)

Services offered by JVKR

  • Involvement in the Live Projects and prototypes.
  • Exposure to Industrial Technology in Automotive domain.
  • Trainings offered which are required for the projects modules.
    • CAD-Catia and SolidWorks
    • CAE- Hypermesh, Radioss, Optistruct and Ansys
  • Hands on experience in Industry projects.
  • Consistent Support offered.