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Body Slip Angle Estimation for Antilock Braking System

Title: Body Slip Angle Estimation (BSAE) for Antilock Braking System and Electronic Stability System

Abstract of the Project:

In the Automotive terminology Slip Angle is the difference between the direction of the vehicle travelling known as heading or course over ground and the direction that the body is pointing also called true heading. For the proper functioning of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and to overcome the undesirable behaviors such as Over-steering and Under-steering, body slip angle plays a very important role in maintaining the stability of the vehicle.

This project mainly focuses on the estimation of the body slip angle by developing MATLAB SIMULINK models from the given steering angle input by the driver. The major application of this is when some quantity cannot be measured directly, and has to take aid of the available measurements. Accurate online estimation of the vehicle side slip angle has the potential to enable development of new automotive safety systems, and to improve existing algorithms that use information about the vehicle side slip angle.

Application of the project:

  • Electronic stability program
  • Roll over mitigation application
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace 

Benefits from this project to Client

  • Body slip estimation models
  • Better stability of the vehicle
  • Design robust Hardware
  • Cost in the prototyping can be reduced.

Key take away for Students

  • Entry to Automotive Domain.
  • Know about different Vehicle performance criteria
  • Parameter tuning process
  • Compare the design and theoretical analysis.
  • Simulation hands on Matlab Simulink
  • Vehicle dynamics basics.
  • Developing problem solving skills.

Work plan for the students

  • Incorporation (MATLAB-Simulink, Sampling Theorem, Transformation, Filtering, Simulation)
  • Theoretical know how’s and working of the project.
  • Definition of Problem Statement- Breakdown of the problem module wise
  • Description of major and minor task (error types, maneuvers, models, criteria)
  • Setup of Simulink Estimation Models
  • Execution and parameter tunning
  • Post processing analysis using MATLAB
  • Evaluation of sensor data
  • Validating the obtained results with criteria.
  • Documentation (continuous)

Services offered by JVKR

  • Involvement in the Live Projects and prototypes.
  • Exposure to Industrial Technology in Automotive domain.
  • Trainings offered which are required for the projects modules.
    • MATLAB
    • Vehicle Dynamics
    • Simulink
    • GUIDE
  • Hands on experience in Industry projects.
  • Consistent Support offered.